Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Poster Session Recap: So Easy...A(ny) Library Can Do it

Sibley Music Library began to digitize public domain music scores and make them freely available on the web in July of 2004. At the time this was merely the end result of a revised preservation workflow. Since then, however, during which time we have digitized over 2600 items, we have unwittingly become part of a worldwide community of musicians and scholars who use these resources daily in their performance, teaching, and scholarship. We are now experiencing up to 2000 downloads a day from people who discover our digital music collection. Click here for a more detailed description of what we're doing.

We were able to accomplish this without any additional staffing or funding, just the addition of a sheetfeed scanner into our long-established conservation workflows. By utilizing the University's Digital Repository, we have also served to raise its presence (our downloads account for 80% of the Repository's total). This Poster Session showed exactly what our equipment and workflows are, and how other libraries can adapt their existing preservation workflows in a similar way.

Here are some pictures of the event:

The handout that we had can be found here, and a pdf of the poster itself can be found here. Our thanks to Amy Harrell for hosting the pdfs. For more information, you can contact Jim Farrington, Alice Carli, or Linda Blair.

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